Preventive dentistry

Dentisterie préventive au centre dentaire Côte Vertu

A human approach

At the Centre Dentaire Côte-Vertu, a human approach and the establishment of a real bond of trust are at the heart of our priorities.

Each new patient is invited to an appointment lasting approximately one and a half hours.

The following points are discussed by your hygienist as well as your dentist:

  • Review of your general and dental health questionnaire
  • Review of your medication list
  • Review of your dental history
  • What your oral health goals are
  • What are your oral health needs
  • What are your expectations of the clinic team

In order to complete your assessment, the hygienist takes X-rays and performs scaling and cleaning.

The dentist then performs the clinical examination which focuses on prevention and detection of oral problems and abnormalities. A treatment plan is presented and explained to you, and the necessary appointments are scheduled.

At any time after a visit, you can contact us to follow up on your file. The dentist will be happy to answer your questions.