Emergency dental care services

Urgences dentaires à Côte Vertu

Dental Emergency

Centre Dentaire Côte-Vertu is here to treat your dental emergency during its extended opening hours.

Emergency treatment is generally associated with relieving problems while waiting for a final treatment appointment. Often, if the problem is minor though, we manage to solve it during this first visit.

The following are responses to emergency situations that we often see in our practice, note that this information is general in nature and cannot be considered professional advice.

Soins dentaires d'urgence

Tooth pain and/or abscess:

Spontaneous dental pain with or without swelling or redness is the most common dental emergency and should be addressed as soon as possible because it can, in some cases, worsen into a more serious infection that extends beyond the mouth and is dangerous for overall health.

In this case, try to control the pain with Advil or Tylenol or both at the same time and call us as soon as possible at (514)748-6525.

Fracture partielle d'une dent

Partial fracture of a tooth

Often these fractures are traumatic caused by a fall at the schoolyard or around a swimming pool or by a blow during sports or other play. Try to find the pieces of tooth and come urgently to our clinic where a qualified dentist can pick up the missing pieces or replace them with quality aesthetic materials.

Dent avulsée ou tombée

Tooth avulsion

his is a dental emergency where every minute counts. Sometimes, during a fall or a traumatic blow, one or more teeth fall out of the gum. It’s always accompanied by bleeding. There’s no time to lose. The first reflex should be to apply pressure using a clean handkerchief or towel preferably in tissue on the bleeding gum. Find the tooth (or teeth) and hold it by the crown (the bright white part). If possible relocate it in its place. To do so, rinse the tooth of any visible contamination under running water without rubbing it, make sure that the crown is oriented correctly and push it in place. Once done, go immediately to the nearest available dentistfor follow-up. If it is not possible to relocate the tooth, transport the patient to the nearest dentist with the tooth placed in a glass of milk or under the patient’s tongue.

Note that the success of this intervention depends on the time (less than an hour) between the avulsion and the re-implantation.

Other reasons for an emergency consultation include a broken or loose filling, a fallen crown or jaw pain.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions or others not mentioned, call us at (514)748-6525 and it will be our pleasure to relieve your pain and provide the necessary treatment.