The sealant

The sealant, a method to prevent cavities

Studies show that 80% of caries in children under 15 years of age develops on the occlusal surface of a tooth (chewing surface).

The molar and premolar teeth have small natural grooves and crevices on the chewing surface called pits and crevices where food debris can easily stick. These places are ideal for food debris to lodge and therefore allow bacteria to attack the tooth. If plaque remains in these grooves for a long time, a cavity can easily form.

A sealant is a thin layer of resin that protects the occlusal surface placed by the dentist or hygienist in the grooves of the teeth. By blocking these unprotected grooves, sealants will create a smooth surface that is easy to clean with a toothbrush.

Who should buy sealants?

Sealants are usually placed on permanent molars and premolars to prevent these teeth from being affected by decay.

Sealants can be applied after the eruption of the first molars (adult teeth) in children around 6 years of age and on the second molars around 12 years of age.

Pediatric dentistry services offered at our dental clinic:

  • Dental exams for children and babies and dental cleaning
  • Prevention, application of fluoride to strengthen the teeth, application of dental sealants.
  • Dental treatment, composite filling (white filling), amalgam filling, pulpotomy, extraction, and prefabricated crowns.
  • Emergency care
  • Conscious sedation.