Digital Prints

For all prosthetic work, accurate impressions of your teeth are used to transfer a working model of your teeth to the dental technician. Traditionally, impression materials were used and filled into impression trays that were inserted into the patient’s mouth to record the impression of the teeth in order to produce the working models needed to make crowns, bridges or dentures in general.

Recently, Centre Dentaire Côte-Vertu acquired a state-of-the-art intra-oral scanner to take ultra precise digital impressions of your teeth. This scanner is equipped with a small camera that is moved around the teeth to digitally record a 3D image on a computer. The image is then transferred electronically to the lab, which will print it using a 3D printer to make very precise working models that will be used to make your cosmetic prostheses.

The advantages of this technology range from the comfort of the patient (no more gagging) to the precision of the work (digital impressions are unalterable and non-deformable) without forgetting their safety (risk of choking with traditional impression materials). Finally, these prints can be kept for a long time without taking up any physical space (virtual models do not take up physical space).